LE Hong

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Curriculum Vitae of LE Hong

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General information

Gender: Female.  Email: lehonglehong@163.com, Tel: 13554045010

Research field: health law and management, research on health legislation, health service management


• Graduated from public health profession in former Tongji medical university ,received a bachelor’s degree in 1985

• Studied in Tongji medical collage with the major of health management from 2003 to 2006 and received PhD in 2006

P.D. Advisor: Prof. Wujin Luo

Professional Experience

• Worked as a lecturer at Public Health collage in former Tongji medical university from July in 1985 to August in 2000

• Studied as a post-graduate with the major of health management in former Tongji medical university

• Appointed as a associate professor in November in 1999

• Worked in medicine and health management collage in 2000

• Appointed as a master tutor in July in 2002

• Worked as the head of human resource management department in medicine and health management collage in Huazhong University of science and technology in 2005

• Worked as the head of health management department in medicine and health management collage in Huazhong university of science and technology from 2008

• Appointed as a professor in November in 2010

Related research papers

 Opinions about the current courses from students with management profession in madical collages ,medicine and society,2005

 Discussion on impact to supervision of Chinese-foreign joint cooperative medical institutions afterWTO entry, medicine and society,2005

 Study on response of demand-side in health service of medium-sized city to the nedical insurance system, Chinese hospital management,2005

 Compare health development of rural areas in diffenent districts o China-about the health financing and countermeasures of health development in rural areas,Chinese health economics,2006

 Improvement of non-technical medical service-to strengthen the concept of “people-oriented”, madicine and society,2006

 Compare health development of rural areas in diffenent districts o China-comprasion of health services utilization and provision ,Chinese health economics,2006

 Compare health development of rural areas in diffenent districts o China-comparision of social economic and health status of residents, Chinese health economics,2006

 Development of research on prenatal and postnatal care of women’s health in China,Chinese maternal and child health,2007

 Comparative study on the management system of response to emergency public health events both at home and aborad,medicine and society,2007

 Analysis of the residents’demand and utilization of post-earthquake-disaster medical sercice in Yucheng district of Ya’an city Sichuan province,Chinese journal of health policy,2009

 Status analysis on reporting system of blood transfusion adverse reactions in China, medicine and society,2009

 The experience in the treatment of the critically ill and sevsrely wounded in earthquake, Chinese critical care medicine,2009

 Shallow theory of non-profit hospital management and regulation, to run by the local hospital false problem, Chinese Hospital Management2010

 Main reasons for the analysis of party choice hospitalChinese Hospital Management2011

 Earthquake disaster area people two weeks prevalence surveyThe Chinese hospital management2011

 Thinking of the country's comprehensive medical center set up hospital2013

 The top-level design under multiple Angle to our country reform thinking again2014

 Study on the Protection of Human Subjects' Rights and Interests in Drug Clinical Trials in China from the Perspective of Law2015

 Investigation of the Status of Medical Staff's Perception on Two- way Referral in Country Public Hospitals of Hubei Province2016

 Analysis of the Operation and Management Status of the New Rural Cooperate Medical Scheme Funds in Pilot Areas of County-Level Public Hospital Reform, Hubei2016

 Thinking of Construction of Comprehensive Regulation System Under the Background of Healthy China2016

 Analysis on the Effects of Economic Development LevelAgeing Population Degree and Rising Medical Costs on Medical Insurance Fund Expenditure in China2017

 Retrospective Analysis of Medical Dispute Third-Party Mediation Based on the Related Literatures from 2008 to 20162017

 Analysis of Inpatients' Satisfaction and Expectation to Basic Medical Insurance2017

 Analysis of governmental responsibilities in health protection as inspired by the model of Sanming's healthcare reform2017

 Analysis on the management system and operation mechanism of Sanming's healthcare reform towards "Tripartite-sector reform"2017

 Comparative Study on Equity of Chinese Nursing Human Resource Allocation in 2011 and 20162018

Research programs

1 projects from WHO

 Research on building harmonious doctor-patient relationship

2 projects from the ministry of health

 Research on reform of township hospitals management-

 Evaluation and experience summary of comprehensive pilot of the project supported by Qinba

 Policy research on promotion of primary health workforce development

 Research on status and promoting strategy of primary medicine service

 Study and formulate the “hospital complaints management norms”

 Review of laws and regulation related to doctor-patient relationship

 Study on legal issues related to health information

3 projects from the ministry of civil affairs

 Baseline survey on assessment of emergency medical aid after earthquake in Sichuan

4projects from SATCM

 Policy research related to health system of basic medical traditional Chinese medicine participate in projects supported by natural science foundation of Hubei province

 Research on monitoring ,warning system and operation mechanism of financial security about public health emergencies in rural areas

5projects supported by higher education teaching research of Hubei province

 Research on building education system of overall quality of undergraduates in the department of health management

 Evaluation of Third-Party Mediation of Medical Disputes in Wuhan

 Summarization and Evaluation of Innovation Mode of Medical Service Supervision in Hubei Province

6projects supported by humanities and social science fund of Huazhong university of science and technology

 Research on management of medical institutions by classification

7The national natural science fund project

  Based on the interests balance and system integration of universal health insurance system in our country to build research and arrangement of system

 Hospital rationally in the new rural cooperative medical cause contribution measure and control research

 Based on the structural equation model of close performance evaluation and influencing factors of medical association study

 Study on the construction and institutional arrangement of national universal health insurance system based on balance of interests and the integration of system.

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