LIU Yaqing

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Liu yaqing’

Type of job   title

Associate Professor




Academic   Areas:


Research Interests:

Health Policy and   Management

Academic Degrees

2005.09-2008.06 Doctor of   Economics, School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2003.09-2005.06 Master of   Economics, School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

1997.09-2001.07 Bachelor of   Engineering, Department of Automation, Hebei Polytechnic University

Professional Experience

2019.01-   Now Associate Professor, School of Medicine and Health Management, Tongji   Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2012.05-2018.12   Lecture, School of Economics and Management, North China University of   Technology

2009.04-2012.04   Postdoctoral Research, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua   University

2008.06-2009.03   Analyst, Dagong Global Credit Rating Group

Selected Publications

1.      Liu,   Y., & Yan, H. (2018). Evaluation on the synergetic development status   between Jing-Jin-Ji's production services and manufacturing services. Urban   Problems, (05):53-61.

2.     Liu,   Y., & Ma, Y. (2018). Research on classification of Baijiu based on data   mining. China Brewing, 37(04):155-158.

3.     Liu,   Y., & Ma, Y. (2018). The Relationship between the Transformation of   Industrial Bases and the Emission of SO2. Journal of North China University   of Technology, 30(03):32-38.

4.     Liu,   Y., & Yan, H. (2018). The Effect of Industrial Restructuring on Energy   Consumption Based on Huan Bo Hai Region. Systems Engineering, 36(02):121-129.

5.      Liu,   Y., Ma, Y., &Wu, Z. (2017). Influences on air pollution by the upgrading   of industrial structure of Jing-jin-ji Region. Urban Problems, (12):65-71.

6.     Liu,   Y., & Yan, H. (2017). The Transmission Mechanism and Path of Regional   Economic Growth Based on Spatial Panel SVAR with Interactive effect. Systems   Engineering, 35(05):109-116.

7.      Liu,   X., Liu, Y., & Ouyang, H. (2016). An Empirical Study on Fundamental Economic   Structure of China Based on Cross Entropy Method. Economic Survey,   33(01):25-29.

8.     Liu,   Y., Li, L., &Wu, Z. (2015). Study on the Potential of Regional Economic   Development of Bohai Rim from the Perspective of Industry. Contemporary   Economics, (28):10-13.

9.     Liu,   Y., Li, L., &Wu, Z. (2015). A study on methods for updating an   input-output matrix and the application. Chinese Journal of Management   Science, 23(S1):706-710.

10.   Liu,   Y. (2014).  A Study on the Disparity and Determinants of China's   Regional Economic Growth——Based on the Fixed Effect Vector Decomposition of   Provincial Data.  Technoeconomics & Management Research, (05):14-18.

11.    Liu,   Y. (2014).  Regional Economic Market Segmentation and Economic Growth   Factor Analysis. Statistics & Decision, (05):117-121.

12.   Liu,   Y., & Ouyang, H. (2013). Internal Instability of Financial System and Its   Countermeasure. Truth Seeking, (S1):149-151.

13.   Wang,   L., & Liu, Y. (2011). Causes Analysis of the Book-to-Market Effect in   China's Stock Market: From the Perspective of Behavioral Finance. Business   Review, 23(10):43-48.

14.   Pan,   W., Liu, Y., & Liu, Q. (2011). Partitioning and Integration of China’s   Regional Markets. Journal of Lanzhou University (Social Sciences),   39(04):94-103.

15.    Li,   Z., & Liu, Y. (2010).  Analysis of Modeling System of Modern   Econometrics. Economics Information, (05):22-31.

16.   Liu,   Y., Wang, J., & Liu C. (2008). Study on the Dynamic Relationship between   China's Futures Market and GDP. Statistics & Decision, (11):119-121.

17.    Tang,   Q., & Liu, Y. (2008). SVAR Analysis of the Relationship between Volume,   Return and Volatility of A and B Shares under Market Segmentation, Journal of   Financial Research, (02):113-126.

18.   Ouyang,   H., & Liu, Y. (2009). The Development Orientation and the Non-mainstream   Formation of Finance, Reform, (12):145-149.

19.   Liu,   Y., & Ouyang, H. (2013). Identification and Measurement of the Contagion   Effects among Main Markets in Financial Crisis. Pakistan Journal of   Statistics, 29(6).

20.  Liu,   Y., & Ouyang, H. (2014). The Information Content of Limit Order Book and   Short-term Stock Returns based on Information Technology. International   Journal of u-and e-Service, Science and Technology, 7(3), 103-116.

21.   Liu,   Y., & Ouyang, H. (2014). Spillover and comovement: The contagion   mechanism of systemic risks between the US and Chinese stock markets.   Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 50(sup3), 109-121.

Working Papers & Books

1.      Liu,   Y., & Li, L. (2016). Research on Basic Economic Structure of Bohai Rim   Region, Intellectual Property Publishing House.

2.     Liu,   Y., & Lu, Y. (2016). Statistical Analysis Eviews and Its Application,   Intellectual Property Publishing House.

Courses Taught

Econometrics;   Healthcare Service Marketing Management


1.2013-2016, A   study on the theoretical approach and application of spatial panel data   structural VAR model based on interactive effects, the Natural Science   Foundation of China.

2.2013-2015, A   study on the basic economic structure and structural change of Bohai Economic   Rim, the Beijing Youth Talent Program.

3.2018-2019,   Study on the synergic development of regional industrial structure   optimization and ecological environment, the Basic Scientific Research   Business Projects of Beijing.

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