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LIU   Chenxi


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Research   Interests

Rational   use of medicine; Pharmaceutical policy evaluation; Drug utilization research


Pharmaceutical   policy and administration centre

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Pharmaceutical   policy and administration

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Academic Degrees

1.       Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Community Medicine and   Health Services Management  -  Bachelor's Degree in   Management  -  Undergraduate;

2.       Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Community Medicine and   Health Services Management  -  Doctoral Degree in Management    -  Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Professional   Experience

1.       2016.10 – 2017.01 La Trobe University  - School of   Psychology and Public Health - Visiting Scholar

2.       2018.9 – now Huazhong University of Science and Technology,   School of Medicine and Health Management, Lecture

Selected   Publications

[1] (2014). Zhong F, Liu C, Zhang X:   Guideline adherence for the treatment of advanced schistosomiasis japonica in   Hubei, China. Parasitol Res 2014, 113(12):4535-4541.

[2] (2015). Wang D, Lai X, Liu C, Xiong   Y, Zhang X: Influence of supplemental parenteral nutrition approach on   nosocomial infection in pediatric intensive care unit of Emergency   Department: a retrospective study. Nutrition journal 2015, 14:103.

[3] (2016). Chenxi Liu, Xinping Zhang.   Price component of insulin and its leading factors in Hubei province, the   middle area of China. Submitted to Health Action International. [Report]

[4] (2017). Liu J, Wang L, Liu C, Zhang   X: Impact of price deregulation policy on the affordability of essential   medicines for women's health: a panel data analysis. Expert Rev Pharmacoecon   Outcomes Res 2017, 17(6):625-631.

[5] (2017). Tang Y, Liu C, Zhang X:   Performance associated effect variations of public reporting in promoting   antibiotic prescribing practice: a cluster randomized-controlled trial in   primary healthcare settings. Primary health care research & development   2017, 18(5):482-491.

[6] (2018). Wang X, Du X, Liu C, Zhang X:   Does the professional attitude of physicians always affect their professional   behaviour? A survey in tertiary hospitals in Nanchang City, China. Australian   health review: a publication of the Australian Hospital Association 2018.

[7] (2018). Chen H, Liu C, Liu J, Tang Y,   Zhang X: Mixed effects of restriction strategies in antimicrobial stewardship   programs on antimicrobial use in 121 tertiary hospitals in China, 2013-2017.   Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res 2018:1-7.

[8] (2018). Wang D, Liu C, Zhang Z, Ye L,   Zhang X: Testing a healthcare provider-patient communicative relationship   quality model of pharmaceutical care in hospitals. International journal of   clinical pharmacy 2018, 40(3):617-626.

[9] (2018). Liu J, Yin C, Liu C, Tang Y,   Zhang X: Modeling a Production Function to Evaluate the Effect of Medical   Staffing on Antimicrobial Stewardship Performance in China, 2009-2016: Static   and Dynamic Panel Data Analyses. Front Pharmacol 2018, 9:775.

[10] (2019). Wang D, Liu C, Zhang Z, Ye   L, Zhang X: Validation of the King's transaction process for healthcare   provider-patient context in the pharmaceutical context. Research in social   & administrative pharmacy: RSAP 2019, 15(1):93-99.

[11] (2015). Liu, C., Zhang, X., &   Wan, J. Public reporting influences antibiotic and injection prescription in   primary care: a segmented regression analysis. Journal of Evaluation in   Clinical Practice, 21(4), 597-603.

[12] (2016). Liu, C., Zhang, X., Xuan,   W., Zhang, X., Jie, W., & Zhong, F. Does public reporting influence   antibiotic and injection prescribing to all patients? a cluster-randomized   matched-pair trial in china. Medicine (Baltimore), 95(26), e3965.

[13] (2017). Liu C, Tang Y, Wang D, Zhang   X. The effect of public reporting presentation on patients' decision making:   An experimental survey in Yunan Province, China. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017   Jun;96(24):e7203.

[14] (2017). Liu C, Zhang X, Liu C, Ewen   M, Zhang Z, Liu G Insulin prices, availability and affordability: a   cross-sectional survey of pharmacies in Hubei Province, China. BMC Health   Services Research. 2017 Aug 24;17(1):597.

[15] (2019). Liu C, Liu C, Wang D, Deng   Z, Tang Y, Zhang X: Determinants of antibiotic prescribing behaviors of   primary care physicians in Hubei of China: a structural equation model based   on the theory of planned behavior. Antimicrobial resistance and infection   control 2019, 8:23.

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