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WU Hong



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Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor of Medical Informatics

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Medical Informatics

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e-health, social media, consumer behavior

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Ph.D. in Management, Huazhong University   and Science and Technology, 2016-2019

M.A. and B.A. in Economics, Harbin Institute   of Technology, 2008-2014

Professional   Experience

Selected   Publications

[1].   Hong Wu, Zhaohua Deng*.   Knowledge Collaboration among Physicians in Online Health Communities: A   Transactive Memory Perspective. International Journal of Information   Management, 2019, 38(12): 13-33. (SSCI, Q1, IF: 5.063)

[2].   Yang Song, Hong Wu*,   Jingdong Ma, Naiji Lu. Exploring the dynamic influences and interaction effects   of signals on backers’ investment in the crowdfunding market. Information   Technology and People, 2019, forthcoming. (SSCI, Q2, IF:1.263)

[3].   Hong Wu, Naiji Lu*.   Service Provision, Pricing, and Patient Satisfaction in Online Healthcare   Communities. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 2018, 110: 77-89.   (SCI, Q1, IF:2.731)

[4].   Hong Wu, Naiji Lu*.   Online Written Consultation, Telephone Consultation and Offline Appointment:   An Examination of the Channel Effect in Online Health Communities. International   Journal of Medical Informatics, 2017, 107: 107-119. (SCI, Q1, IF:2.731)

[5].   Hong Wu, Naiji Lu*,   Chenguang Wang, Tu Xin. Casual Effects of Informal Care and Health on Falls   and Other Accidents among the Elderly Population in China. Quality of Life   Research, 2018, 27(3): 693-705. (SSCI, Q1, IF:2.488)

[6].   Hong Wu, Naiji Lu*. How   Your Colleagues’ Reputation Impact Your Patients’ Odds of Posting   Experiences: Evidence from an Online Health Community. Electronic Commerce   Research and Applications, 2016, 16: 7-17. (SSCI, Q2, IF:2.911)

[7]. Xiaoxiao Liu, Xitong Guo*, Hong Wu,   Tianshi Wu. The Impact of Individual and Organizational Reputation on   Physicians’ Appointments Online. International Journal of Electronic   Commerce, 2016, 20(4): 551-577. (SSCI, Q1, IF:3.439)

Working Papers

[1].   Hong Wu, Zhaohua Deng*.   Do Physicians’ Online Activities Impact Outpatient Visits? An Examination of   Online Health Communities. PACIS 2019 proceedings, 2019. (Best paper)

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