YI Shaohua

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Job title: Associate Professor

Phone: 027-83691203                               

Email: yishaoxia@126.com                              

Academic Areas: Forensic Genetics

Research Interests: Individual identification and paternity testing

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. of Forensic Medicine, 2008, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China;

Bachelor of Forensic Medicine, 2005, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.              

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2017-present),  Lecture (2008-2017),  Department of Forensic Medicine,  Huazhong University of Science and Technology,  Wuhan,  China

Visiting Scholar (2015-2017), University of California San Diego, San Diego, USA

Selected Publications

1. Cheng JB, Liu Q, Long F, Huang DX, Yi SH. Analysis of the Yp11.2 deletion region of phenotypically normal males with an AMELY-Null allele in the Chinese Han population. Genet Test Mol Bioma. 2019, 23 (5):359-362.

2. Yi S,Long F,Cheng J,Huang D. An optimized rapid bisulfite conversion method with high recovery of cell-free DNA.BMC Mol Biol. 2017, 18(1):24.

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4. Hao X, Luo H, Krawczyk M, Wei W, Wang W, Wang J, Flagg K, Hou J, Zhang H, Yi S, Jafari M, Lin D, Chung C, Caughey BA, Li G, Dhar D, Shi W, Zheng L, Hou R, Zhu J, Zhao L, Fu X, Zhang E, Zhang C, Zhu JK, Karin M, Xu RH, Zhang K. DNA methylation markers for diagnosis and prognosis of common cancers. PNAS. 2017, 114(28):7414-7419.

5. W Zhang, C Xiao, T Wei, C Pan, S Yi, D Huang. Haplotype diversity of 13 RM Y-STRs in Chinese Han population and an update on the allele designation of DYF403S1.Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2016, 23: e1-e9.

6. J Yu, C Xiao, T Wei, C Pan, S Yi, D Huang. Allele dropout at the STR loci TH01 and vWA and identification of two new point mutations upstream of the repeat region at the vWA locus.Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2016, 23: e14-e17.

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9. S Jia, L Zhang, LY Qi, K Mei, FL Zhou, DX Huang, SH Yi*. Multistep microsatellite mutation leading to a father-child mismatch of FGA locus in a case of non-exclusion parentage Legal Med. 2015, 17(5):364-365.

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11. SH Yi, YS Jia, K Mei, RZ Yang, DX Huang. Age-related DNA methylation changes for forensic age-prediction. Int J Legal Med. 2015, 129(2):237-244.

12. SH Yi, LC Xu, K Mei, RZ Yang, DX Huang. Isolation and identification of age-related DNA methylation markers for forensic age-prediction. Forensic Sci. Int. Genet. 2014,11:117-125.

13. LL Ma, SH Yi*, DX Huang, K Mei, RZ Yang. Screening and identification of tissue-specific methylation for body fluid identification. Forensic Sci Int Genet Suppl S. 2013, 4: 37-38.

14. DX Huang, SX Shi, CH Zhu, SH Yi, W Ma, HS Wang, Huamin Li.Y-haplotype screening of local patrilineages followed by autosomal STR typing can detect likely perpetrators in some populations. J Forensic Sci, 2011. 56(5):1340-1342.

15. DX Huang, C Gui, SH Yi, QE Yang, RZ Yang, K Mei. Typing of 24 mtDNA SNPs in a Chinese population using SNaPshot minisequencing. J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci, 2010, 30(3):291-298.

16. SH Yi, L Ren, L Liu, GZ Huang. Contraction band necrosis in two ecstasy abusers: a latent lethal lesion associated with ecstasy. Am J Forensic Med Pathol, 2009, 30(3):295-297.

Working Papers


Experiment Instruction in Forensic Genetics (2nd edition)ISBN 978-7-117-22737-7/R.22378, People`s Medical publishing House13th Five-year plan teaching materialparticipate in writingChapter 5, p34-37; Chapter 8, p58-60

Courses Taught

DFM2041 Forensic genetics (undergraduate)


Forensic study of the human tissue-specific DNA methylation marker. The National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013-2015

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