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Job title: Associate Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Phone: +86-027-83792651                                

Email: kai_zhao@hust.edu.cn                                

Academic Areas: Reproduction medicine

Research Interests: Human reproduction

Kai zhao received his B.S. and Master Degree from Xiangya medicine college, CSU and received his Ph.D in 2014 from Tongji medicine college, HUST. Then he visited UCSF in 2016. Since 2017/03, he joined family planning institution, HUST as an assistant professor, and his research interests are genetic and epigenetic mechanism of male infertility. He has published 5 papers in Oncotarget, Reprod Fert Develop and etc

Academic Degrees


Selected Publications

(1)Kai Zhao#, Yan Liu#, Zhe Xiong, Lian Hu*, Cheng-liang Xiong, Tissue-specific inhibition of uPA expression in testis of mice with inducible lentiviral RNAi causes male infertility, Reprod Fert Develop. doi.org/10.1071/RD16477

(2)Hong-fang Yuan#, Kai Zhao#, Yu Zang, Chun-yan Liu, Zhi-yong Hu, Jia-jing Wei, Ting Zhou, Ying Li, Hui-ping Zhang*. Effect of folate deficiency on promoter methylation and gene expression of Esr1, Cav1, and Elavl1, and its influence on spermatogenesis. Oncotarget,2017 Feb. 25

(3)Kai Zhao#, YaoPing Chen, RuiFeng Yang, CuiLing Li, HongGang Li, ChengLiang Xiong*. Mir-424/322 is down-regulated in the semen of patients with severe DNA damage and may regulate sperm DNA damage. Reprod Fertil Dev. 2015 Apr 15. doi: 10.1071/RD15052

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