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Associate Chief Physician Associate Professor

Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Department of Stomatology


Clinical Specialties 

Caries Pulpitis

Periapical periodontitis Oral mucosal diseases

Research focus/Interests 

Levornidazole in the treatment of oral anaerobe infection

Clinical study on the treatment of oral ulcer with Rabdosia rubescens dropping pills

Exploration of the etiology of recurrent oral ulcer Clinical treatment of oral lichen planus

Biographical Summary

1. Engaged in the clinical practice of the diagnosis and treatment of caries, pulpitis, periapical disease and oral mucosal diseases for a long-term and has rich clinical experience

2. Specialized in diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of difficult oral mucosal diseases, dental and pulp diseases


1. 2000-2005 BS -Stomatology, Wuhan University

Professional Highlights

1. Patented:Periodontal fistulacurette


Published several scientific research papers in professional journals both home and abroad

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