HU Ping

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Associate Chief Physician Associate Professor


Department of Stomatology


Clinical Specialties 


Pediatric Stomatology

Research focus/Interests 

Dental and periodontal diseases

Oral microbiota

Dental development and calcification

Biographical Summary

1. Engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of adult and children's dental trauma and various dental and pulp diseases

2. Be good at fractured crown re-connected, root canal therapy and CAD / CAM ceramic aesthetic crownrestoration


1. 2010.7-2011.8PostdoctoralFellowship - Research, University of Southern California

2. 2002.9-2007.6 PHD -stomatology, WuhanUniversity

3. 1997.9-2002.6 BS -stomatology, WuhanUniversity


1. Member of geriatric stomatology Committee of Chinese Stomatological Association


Being the first author or correspondingauthor,Dr.Hu has published 6 papers in Curr Microbiol, Arch Oral Biol, Appl Biochem Biotechnol, Cell Biol Int, Cells Tissues Organs et al around this area

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