Department of Pharmaceutics

The Department of Pharmaceutics currently has 11 faculty members, including 3 professors and 7 associate professors, 1 lecture. Both Master and Ph.D. programs of Pharmaceutics are provided in the department.

Research Area

1. Novel Drug Delivery System

Primary Group Members: Zhiping Zhang, Songwei Tan, Huan Deng

This area is focused on (1). Vitamin E TPGS-related nanomedicine; (2). biomimic nanoparticles for cancer chemotherapy, immunotherapy and combinational therapy

1. Pharmacokinetics

Primary Group Members: Gao Li, Luqin Si, Jiangeng Huang

Research Interests include: (1). Drug transporter and metabolism enzyme based mechanism for ADME (T) processes; (2). Novel antihypertension drug development

Extraction, Characterization, and Application of Natural Plant Polysaccharides

Primary Group Members: Kaiping Wang, Junjun Liu, Dandan Yi, Peng Cao, Qiang Li

This area focuses on (1). extraction, structural characterization, bioactivity and new formulations of natural plant polysaccharides; (2). natural plant polysaccharide labeling and pharmacokinetic study; (3). application of hepatic targeted polysaccharides nanoparticles

1. Computational Drug Design and Delivery

Primary Group Member: Junjun Liu

This area focuses on (1). development of theoretical methods for molecular modeling, including solvation theory, QM/MM, molecular docking, molecular dynamics, and computational ECD methods; (2). revealing the mechanism of enzymatic reactions for organophosphorus detoxification, and of nanoparticles formation/de-formation for designing novel drug delivery systems; (3). protonation state prediction of catalytic asp dyad for developing inhibitors against Alzheimer Disease; (4). applications of computational ECD for determining natural product’s absolute configurations.

1. Formulation and Characterization of Drug Delivery Systems
Primary Group Members: Dandan Yi, Huang Ye (Graduate)
This area includes (1). the formulation, optimization and evaluation of drug delivery systems; (2). the magnetic particles in cancer treatment and the colloidal systems for tumor targeting.

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