School of Medicine and Health Management

The Department of Health Administration & Department of Medical Information Management

The Department of Health Administration

The Department of Health Administration(DHA) is an innovative, opening and appropriate place to study.

In the context ofrich medical resources and superb healthcare technologyin centralChina, the Department of Health Administration is committed to the cultivation of high-quality talents. provides students with quality teaching services that combine cutting-edge leadership and practical skills. All undergraduate students should participate in practical activities.

DHA of TJMC has established long-term internship agreements with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Health Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and large pharmaceutical enterprises.Itoffersa bachelor's degree in Public Administration Management (PAM) and Information Management and Information Systems (IMIS); a master's degree in Social Medicine and Health Management (SMHM), Hospital Management (HM) and Information Science (IS); and a doctorate degreein SMHM and IS. Graduates are expected to hold management positions in national health care institutions as well as government bureaus.

There are 25 full-time teachers in the Department of Health Administration, including 10 professors, 9 associate professors and 6 lecturers. We also have appointed 12 professors of first-line managers from the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Health Commission, the Provincial Health Department and the Municipal Health Bureau. At the same time, 5 internationally renowned university scholars are also appointed as visiting professors in our department.

Department of Medical Information Management

The Department of Medical Information Management has always been the pioneer and leading researcher of domestic medical informatics, and medical library and information science.It isthe initiator and founder of the Education group of Medical Informatics Society of Chinese Medical Association, the important research institute of national health information standard, and also one of the major founding institutes of Health Informatics and Management Education Steering Committee of Chinese Health Information Association.

The department has rich experience in teaching and scientific research.There are currently 11 full-time academic staff, including 2 professors, 5 associate professors and 4 assistant professors. All of them are entitled totutoring master students, and successively undertaken national and regional projects.

Programs:The department aims to cultivate talents with inter-disciplinary knowledge structure (mainly consisting of medicine, computer science, information science and management science), specialized practical skills and innovative-thinking capacity.

Undergraduate program in Information Management and Information System with a special focus on medicine and three graduate programs,two academic master programs in Health Information Management and Medical Information System,one professional master program in Library and Information Scienceand one doctoral program inMedical Informatics.

MultidisciplinaryTalentsCultivationSystemTo address theemergingdemandsof talents in medical informatics, the department has proposed a One Body Two Wings scheme to promote the cultivation.One body refers to the solid scientific knowledge base of medicine and health science;Two wings represent the two directions, including health informatics, and library and information science focused on medicine. Within this cultivation scheme, students could absorb affluent knowledge from a wide range of fields, such as medicine, public health, computer science, information and communication science, library and information science, management and statistics, and thus build their capacities to fit into the position of medical informatics.

Close collaboration with international counterparts and the industry

The department has established close collaborations with reputed overseas university or medical institutes, including Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Pittsburg, Saint Louis University and University Amsterdam, and work with domestic medical libraries, information research institutes, health administrative departments and companies specialized in information technology to solve the practical problems in medical informatics.

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