School of Medicine and Health Management

Subject of School of Medicine and Health Management

The school wins high admiration in undergraduate and postgraduate education in health policy and management, health information and library science, and health informatics as well. Currently, we are running master degree programs in social medicine and health management, health information management, hospital management, and health information system. There 2 professional master training programs in the school, the master of administration (MPA) program and the master of library and information science (MLIS) program. Both of the professional master training programs are concentrated in health domain. For the doctorate training, the school has health information management program, and social medicine and health management program.

The school is a leading player in the scientific research, and policy development in China. Many prominent research projects have been completed in health system reform and innovation, health system performance evaluation, health institute operation and management, health information standard development. In 2011, the Center for Rural Health Development was approved as a Key Research Base in Culture and Social Science in Hubei Province. In 2017, the HUST Institute of Smart Health, a multi-disciplinary research innovation unit based in our school, was established. These centers and institutes are extraordinary academic platform for policy and informatics researches.

Overall, our academic programs ranks top 5 in China, according to the assessment by Ministry of Education.

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1. Academic Doctor’s Degree Postgraduates in Social Medicine and Health Management

2. Academic Master Degree Postgraduates in Social Medicine and Health Management

3. Academic Master Degree Postgraduates in Hospital Management

4. Academic Master Degree Postgraduates in Health Information Management

5. Professional Degree of Master of Library and Information Studies

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