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                                                          School of Medicine and Health Management

School of Medicine and Health Management of Tongji Medical College Huazhong University of Science and Technology was founded in April 2001. It was established with the combination of the previous Tongji Medical College Health Administrator Training Center of Ministry of Health (1981), Department of Library and Information Science (1988) and Department of Health Policy and Management (1993).

The school includes Department of Health Management and Department of Medical Information Management; Research Center for Rural Health Service, a key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Hubei Province; Smart Health Research Institute; five research centers, namely, Research Center for Basic Medical Security, Research Center for Rural Health Development, Research Center for Hospital Management and Development, Research Center for Health Information Resources and Research Center for Higher Medical Education; Health Administrator Training Center of Ministry of Health , Health Information Management Lab Center, one professional reference room and one professional journal Medicine and Society.

There are currently 74 full-time/part-time academic staff, including 41 full-/part-time professors, 18 full-time associate professors. Among them, 1 was titled as Changjiang Distinguished Scholar, 2 were titled as New Century Excellent Talents, 2 were awarded as Huazhong Scholars and 1 received the title of Prominent Educator. There are currently about 300 undergraduate students, over 130 master students and 40 doctoral students/post-doctoral staff in the school. With strong comprehensive strength on education, the school offers a variety of programs to full-time undergraduates, research masters, professional masters, PhD students and post-doctoral staff. In 2010, Public Management was awarded Brand Discipline of Hubei Province. Social Medicine and Health Management has been rated as an A++ discipline by the Evaluation of Chinese Universities, ranking the 2nd place nationwide for 5 consecutive years.

The school has always paid great attention to high-quality talents cultivation, constructed "1+1" professional education system, created "4+X" culture education platform and developed science and technology training camps, etc. In the recent three years, 2 doctoral theses have been awarded Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Hubei Province and 1 master’s thesis has been awarded Outstanding Master’s Dissertation of Hubei Province.

Since 2004, the school has successively undertaken 58 National Natural (Social) Science Fund Projects (2 key project and 1 major project) and 391 projects funded by Ministry of Education, National Health and Family Planning Commission or provincial/municipal governments. During the past 35 years since the establishment of the school, the school has received 26 provincial/municipal technological progress awards, 4 national medicine awards, 1 provincial social science outstanding achievement award and published more than 2,200 papers, including more than 100 articles indexed by SCI/SSCI. The school has published 80 monographs and served as the editor-in-chief (deputy editor) institution of 58 teaching materials.

The school has been striving to lead the research development in the medicine and health management field in China. The school is the founding institution of Chinese Consortium of Universities for Health Management and the editor-in-chief institution for several teaching materials incorporated into the Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Five-Year National Planning materials. The Green Book of Health Reform and Development developed by the school is endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

Many research achievements have been referenced or adopted by governments at various levels for decision-making, providing solid evidence for the national healthcare reform. The school is one of the bases for the study of national health information standards. Meanwhile, relying on the Health Administrator Training Center, it has trained more than 10,000 officials at health administrative departments, hospitals, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, maternal and child healthcare institutions and other healthcare institutions, enjoying a high reputation in society.

The school adheres to the further implementation of the “collaborative innovation, opening and sharing" concept and has respectively established cooperation with WHO, United Nations Children's Fund, China Medical Board and internationally renowned universities in Germany, Britain and the United States. The school has been actively promoting academic exchange with internationally renowned experts and participating in major international/regional research projects. Up till now, the school has participated in 24 international collaborative projects and organized more than 10 international conferences. Research staff have been provided with opportunities for international exchange.

In accordance with the school ethos “self-cultivation, unremitting self-development”, the school is dedicated to learning from the best and constantly improving its quality. The school strives to become a world topflight medicine and health management institution.

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